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In the company of Eric Rohmer
(paru le 06/08/2012 site SBS)
Par Peter Galvin

Présentation du film "En compagnie d'Eric Rohmer" , film de Marie Rivière, au Melbourne Internationl Film Festival

In the Company of Eric Rohmer
(Dir. Marie Rivière, France, 2010)

This feels like a combination home movie and love poem. And given that it was filmed in the year of Rohmer’s passing, it is something of a testimonial, too. Actor Marie Rivière, famous for her role in Rohmer’s 1986 Golden Lion winner The Green Ray, borrows a video camera that she does not quite know how to use so she can spend time filming her friend Rohmer. “I don’t want to talk about myself, I only agreed to do this if it was fun,” he tells Rivière on camera. Indeed, the mutual affection the pair share shines out of this encounter and it’s infectious; it’s fun watching them as they read poetry and reminisce. Sweet, deeply personal and revealing, In the Company… is a really splendid variation on the filmed biography

Marie Rivière :

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